Skyhawk 172S N412WM

Cirrus SR-20 Cockpit

Skyhawk 172S N412WM


Meet Whiskey Mike, a true adventure-seeker. This Skyhawk 172S N412WM has been with North Georgia Aviation since early 2022 and is regularly one of the most utilized aircraft in our fleet.

Whiskey Mike is an IFR-certified, four-seat airplane that gives pilots just what they need in an all-around training aircraft: high visibility and easy handling. Noted for being one of the best stepping stones into aviation, this purebred trainer also delivers excellent stability and predictable flight characteristics that are priceless as you gain essential in-flight experience.

Seated in the spacious cabin of this Cessna Skyhawk 172S, you’ll have the best view of the horizon and everything on it. The Garmin G1000 avionics system features a large, high-resolution display screen, robust GFC 700 autopilot, and a built-in GPS map database with terrain overlay, traffic awareness, and onboard weather capability. These features help our pilots, new and old, best navigate the open sky while flying with precision.

What makes Whiskey Mike truly stand out is its ability to let people see new views, experience new heights, and learn far beyond what they could have imagined. We have said before that our fleet is an extension of our team, and a reliable, trustworthy team member is what you get from Whiskey Mike.



2012 Cessna 172S

IFR Certified: Yes

Seats: 4

empty weight

fuel capacity

useful load


max gross weight


Skyhawk 172 N412WM Pricing

$195 per hour + Consumables

Instructor Rates

Private Pilot: $65 per hour
Advanced/HP/Complex: $80/hr

Chief Rates

Private Pilot: $100 per hour

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