Paul Bagley


Gaining an interest in flying from his son-in-law Ben, a U.S. Air Force Major, Paul took his Discovery Flight on November 16, 2016. That day changed the trajectory of his life. Paul quickly became a hobbyist pilot and began renting a portion of his own hangar to NGAV in 2019. Sharing founding owner Bud DeWayne’s passion for aviation and commitment to enhancing the industry with well-trained, safety-oriented, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic pilots, Paul purchased NGAV outright In 2022. With the addition of Cirrus Aircraft to the NGAV fleet and a shared vision to enhance the industry with exceptional instruction, under Paul’s guidance North Georgia Aviation has become a trusted Cirrus Training Center. Prior to aviation, Paul worked in the tree care industry for 35 years. This required daily planning with a team to finish every day safely—experience that easily translated to aviation, which demands teamwork for all to be safe. Paul believes in learning daily and helping others to achieve more than they thought or imagined they could. He has been married 39 years to Angie Martin Bagley, with whom he has a daughter, Christa, and son, Jeramey.

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