Cessna Skyhawk 172M N988BG

Cessna Skyhawk 172M Bravo Golf

Push the Boundaries

with Bravo Golf

Introducing Bravo Golf, a thrill-seeking aircraft that will take your aviation adventures to new heights. As a cherished member of our fleet since May 2024, this Cessna Skyhawk 172S N988BG has continuously proven itself as one of our most reliable and versatile aircraft.

Prepare to be impressed by Bravo Golf‘s IFR-certification and its ability to comfortably accommodate up to four passengers. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting your aviation journey, this well-rounded training aircraft provides excellent handling and unparalleled visibility, making it the ideal aircraft to sharpen your skills and gain valuable in-flight experience.

As you step into the spacious cabin of the Cessna Skyhawk 172S N988BG, you’ll immediately appreciate the panoramic views it offers, allowing you to truly take in the beauty of the horizon and everything that lies beyond. Equipped with the state-of-the-art Dual Garmin G5 (AHRS & HSI), Garmin GTN 650 WAAS GPS, Garmin GTX 335/345 ADS-B Transponder and EDM-730/740/830 Digital Engine Monitor, Bravo Golf empowers you with a large, high-resolution display screen, and an integrated GPS map database featuring terrain overlay, traffic awareness, and real-time weather updates. These cutting-edge features ensure precision navigation, giving you the confidence to soar through the skies with ease.

What truly sets Bravo Golf apart is the transformation it offers. It allows you to see the world from a new perspective, pushing boundaries and fueling your desire for discovery. Its dependable performance and unwavering reliability make it an invaluable companion throughout every aerial adventure.

At North Georgia Aviation, we consider our aircraft as cherished members of our team that contribute to the success of each flight. Bravo Golf embodies our commitment to providing you with a trustworthy and exceptional experience every time you take to the skies. Get ready to witness extraordinary sights and unlock new heights with Bravo Golf at your fingertips.

Let Skyhawk Lead the Way


Step into the comfortable and well-equipped cabin of the Cessna Skyhawk and experience a blend of luxury and functionality. Equipped with features such as durable seating, convenient USB ports, responsive brakes, modernized lighting, and advanced safety features, the Cessna Skyhawk is designed to cater to the needs of today’s tech-savvy individuals. Combining quality, comfort, and safety, the Cessna Skyhawk offers a premium flying experience that is a true reflection of modern aviation innovation. Welcome to the world of enhanced comfort and luxury with the Cessna Skyhawk.


Cessna Skyhawk 172M at North Georgia Aviation- Bravo Golf
North Georgia Aviation Skyhawk fleet - Bravo Gulf - flight instruction for aspiring aviators


Year/Model: 1976 Cessna Skyhawk 172M

2024 Recent Paint

IFR Certified: Yes

High Perf: No

Seats: 4

Technically Advanced Aircraft: No


Useful Load

Fuel Capacity

Empty Weight

Max Gross Weight

Skyhawk 172 N988BG Pricing

$135 per hour + Consumables

Instructor Rates

Private Pilot: $75 per hour (Private)
Advanced/HP/Complex: $90/hr

Chief Rates

Private Pilot: $105 per hour


Pilot $125 per hour

North GA Aviation flight school Cessna Skyhawk instruction - interior photo of Bravo Gulf
Cirrus SR-20 specs

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