Wade Allen

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Wade began his aviation career as a flight instructor in 2021, and now serves as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for NGAV. With more than 2,000 flight hours spanning the contiguous United States and experience flying everything from Cessna 150’s to Aero Commanders and small business jets, Wade now trains others to attain everything from their Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) to their Certified Flight Instructor certificate (CFI). Additionally, as a CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) he can help NGAV staff CFIs obtain their Cirrus Training Center Instructor (TCI) ratings. Wade completed his Private, Instrument, and Commercial flight training at Daytona Beach International Airport where he also completed his multi-engine ratings. He earned his CFI rating and his certified flight instructor instrument (CFII) rating in Jacksonville, FL. He recently earned his ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) Certificate in Dallas, TX, and now splits his time between NetJets and North Georgia Aviation. Before entering the aviation industry, Wade worked for Georgia Power as well as in the auto mechanics field. His hobbies include computers, automotives, and radio-controlled vehicles, and he loves to listen to classical piano music while he flies.

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